Flattummy Tea Experience

Hey everyone! If you've found yourself on this page, its probably because I linked you to this page so you may read my review of Flattummy Tea. This entry will be consistently edited, keep in mind.

Took two weeks for it to arrive. First trial run of @flattummytea ☺

How does it work:
Two packets of tea: one for every day before breakfast, the other to drink every two nights before bed (after the 1st week, its every 3 nights). Everyday tea is titled Activate, the evening tea is title Cleanse. You will need a good tea infuser for finer teas.

Whats in the tea: TBA

How does it taste:
a bit minty, a bit like barley, but not too strong at all.

Was it good for: getting rid of bloating, promotes detox, gets rid of water weight, curbs appetite.

Does it work?: did get rid of bloating, did promote detox, did get rid of water weight, and it did curb my appetite slightly.

What didnt work: for me, the Cleanse packet did not make me “cleanse” immediate in the morning (aka, go to the bathroom). The back of the packet does indicate that depending on your body and preference, you can always ante up on the amount (recommended is one teaspoon) or increase the seeping time (recommended is 3-5 minutes). So I did one teaspoon and a half plus 7 minutes of seep time. It was only then when I “cleansed” so to speak, lol.

Why are you recommending it?

If you are a tea lover/drinker, you will enjoy this. What I enjoy most about it is that is a mild regimen, which means, at least for me, it didn’t shock my body to expel things. Therefore, its a very comfortable way to lose water weight and so forth. I feel comfortable drinking this very early in the morning.

Additional perk: great glowing skin!

This is probably the detox aspect of it, but this stuff gave me nicer looking skin.
Only sad thing for me was that I’m dealing with some hormonal breakouts, but on the areas of my face that weren’t broken out, its looking nice.

If you are looking to quite drinking coffee/caffeine, this is perfect!
For years I’ve been trying to find a way to possibly cut back/abandon caffeine from my diet. Most of you know that I drink black tea every morning, or occassionaly one cup of coffee these days. I have to in order to keep migraines away. With Flattummy Tea, I’ve gone days where I don’t touch any kind of caffeine and still feel energized, without the threat of an impending migraine, something I haven’t felt in almost 10 years.

The tea has helped me perform better at my workouts:

Not sure which herbal ingredient or is its the lack of water weight I have on my body, but its bumped up my gym time and endurance. I can run up to 2 miles without needing to stop or catch my breath on the treadmill. This will really work if you drink the tea prior to hitting the gym. It really pumps you up.

Who do I recommend this to?

Someone who is having a hard time getting rid of water weight because you’re trying to lose a few pounds or get in shape.

If you are looking to gain more energy in your day, not feel too drained to do more activities like working it. This will keep you pumped and motivated throughout the day.

If you are looking to cut back on caffeine intake.

If you are looking to be a little more pumped at the gym.

Looking to cut back crazy food cravings (junkfood and wheat etc)

This will REALLY work if:
You are eating healthy and you are exercising regularly.

a two week pack is almost $35! Four weeks its about $47. Its a bit pricey, and I am waiting to see what its like after I stop taking it. Do note that there are ALOT of coupon codes for them. I will link/give a few.

Honestly, I can drink this my whole life and be ok with it. But I would like to see whether there are post-side effects and so forth.